"I’ve never had fans in the younger generation before, so that’s really cool."


Daenerys Fan Challenge 6A: Favourite Hairstyle.

The green swallowed her up. The air was rich with the scents of earth and grass, mixed with the smell of horseflesh and Dany’s sweat and the oil in her hair. Dothraki smells. They seemed to belong here. Dany breathed it all in…


'Look!' said Pippin. 'Strider the Ranger has come back!'
'He has never been away,' said Aragorn. 

for kat


Jessica Lange, 1979

what a babe

He is not as other men of this time and whatever be his descent from father to son, by some chance the blood of Westernesse runs nearly true in him; as it does in his other son, Faramir, and yet did not in Boromir whom he loved best.


Richard Armitage for Esquire UK (x)

Marion Cotillard by Alex Prager.


i hope i look as good as aragorn when i’m 87